HEPCO Inc. realizes the pressure of today’s economy is making it hard for companies to purchase new equipment.    The availability of used equipment is at an all-time high due to mergers, failures, relocations and cut-backs, so naturally more companies are looking at used machines.

Occasionally, HEPCO will obtain a used or demo machine.  The machine is brought to good condition and sold as used.   These machines are rare and sell quickly.   Please call if you are interested in a specific model. 


HEPCO Inc. has been manufacturing the highest-quality lead cutting and forming equipment since 1972.  Over this period, HEPCO has sold tens of thousands of machines, and many are still in operation.   This also means there are a lot of used machines on the market at any one time.      

HEPCO Inc. support has been receiving an increased number of calls on recently-purchased equipment for operating instructions, spare parts, and technical assistance.   Some lucky companies have received equipment in good working condition.    

However, there is a high incidence of used equipment purchased where the machine is obsolete, missing vital pieces, or in such poor condition that it does not work properly.   A few parts thrown at the problem seldom makes it work well.     The result is customers are often not satisfied with the performance of used HEPCO equipment when purchased from someone other than HEPCO.

This has prompted HEPCO’s New Policy Regarding Used Equipment.  

HEPCO will continue to provide industry-leading service and support to the original equipment owners as in the past.

 *       If you purchase a used machine, HEPCO offers a FREE EVALUATION of the unit.  HEPCO will advise what is needed, if anything, to bring the machine back to proper working order, and  the work will be performed by trained HEPCO technicians.

*        If someone declines to have the unit evaluated, HEPCO will not support the machine nor provide spare parts.

*     If we evaluate the unit but repairs are not authorized, the unit will be returned freight collect and HEPCO will not support the machine nor provide spare parts.

*     If we evaluate the unit and repairs are authorized, HEPCO will provide a 90-day warranty on the unit and will provide spare parts and technical support as if you had originally purchased the unit.

 Our goal is simple – if you own HEPCO equipment, it should work properly.   

A final note:  There are used HEPCO machines available that are current models but are 25-30 years old.   HEPCO machines are built well, but they can wear out to the point where it is cheaper to purchase new.   There are also companies who have simply used and abused the machines to the point where, although fairly new by the calendar, the machines are no longer functional.    These are often the units that show up on the used market.

For more information on HEPCO Sales, Service, and Support:

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