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Ordering Custom Die Sets for your HEPCO equipment is now easier than ever! 

The simplest way to order HEPCO die sets is to mail, fax, email or phone in an order using our "Basic Die Sets" information from our catalog.  HEPCO accepts VISA,  MasterCard, cashier's checks, money orders, company checks, and purchase orders by fax.  In addition to a detailed print with dimensions, it is ALWAYS a good idea to send in samples of the exact components you'll be running, (and sample PCB when possible) so that there can be no misinterpretation or confusion when it comes time to build the die set.

RFQ or Order Packages mailed to HEPCO should include the following:

  • Bulk - At least 10 sample parts that are the EXACT ones you will be running.
  • Taped - At least 100 sample parts that are the EXACT ones you will be running.
  • Tube - At least 1/2 of a tube of the EXACT parts you will be running. (Collection tube also, if desired)
  • Connectors for trimming - At least 5 of the EXACT components you will be running.
  • At least one PCB with desired holes clearly defined.

Even if they are hand drawn, good prints are essential for our engineers to fully understand each particular application. In almost all cases, HEPCO machines reference from the bottom of the component. This means that all the forms and cuts will be measured from the bottom of the component, and NOT the heat sink hole. The only time it’s valuable to take measurements from the heat sink hole on TO-220-style components is when the part will be secured using this hole. (HEPCO does make dies for the Model 6500-1, 6200-1, and the 3000-2 that are referenced from the heat sink hole, if required.) Otherwise, variations in components from supplier to supplier, and even BATCH TO BATCH can result in inconsistent results. Often times, the tolerances called out by our customers are far narrower than those specified by the device manufacturer! It is critical to weigh these factors when ordering a die to make sure satisfactory results are achieved.

To some people, the information we require to build a die seems overkill or unimportant, but it is the most important factor in ensuring that what you need is what you get. The small effort spent in order to gather this information is well worth it, because it allows you to think the application through before placing the order.  Your familiarity of the particular need will also pay dividends when talking with us about it over the phone.  As a precaution, we prefer to work with samples. This helps eliminates any guesswork. As shown in our “Basic Die Set” catalog pages, each configuration could require several different parameters and dimensions in order to get it right.

The most important basic dimensions are:
a. Overall lead length.(unformed component)
b. Lead Diameter.
c. Lead Spacing. (before AND after forming)
d. “Body-to-bend”. (distance between the bottom of the component and the first bend)
e. “Body-to-PCB”. (distance between the bottom of the component and the PCB)
f. Board thickness.
g. Lead protrusion. (length of lead sticking out below the PCB)
h. PCB hole diameter.
i. Lock-in? (Y/N)
j. Any other important info regarding your parts, PCB, or application. (angles, radii. etc.)

Please don’t forget to include your business card and a note explaining what it is you need! This is also important for Request for Quotes (RFQs). Tell us how/when to reach you, and what model number you're interested in. Provide shipping instructions including carrier, account number, service, and shipping & billing addresses.

If you don't find what you need in our catalog, DON'T PANIC!  We can make custom dies to form or cut thousands of different components and combinations. Just call and ask if you are not sure. Just make sure you follow our general guideline on the information required for HEPCO to make a custom die:

1.  Download these .pdf files showing our most popular diesets, and identify which style of die you need. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) Reed Switch

2. Create a drawing (use a pencil and napkin if necessary) that includes the following dimensions and information:
      a. Machine model number and serial number. (3000-2, 6500-1, 1800-1, etc.)
      b. Type of component. (axial resistor, radial capacitor, TO-220, TO-18, DIP IC, etc.)
      c. Number of leads.
      d. Desired die type from Step 1 above. (or nearest facsimile)
      e. Written description of desired form/cut combination.
      f. Special considerations or instructions.
      g. Parts packaging. (Bulk, Tube, Tape, etc.)

3. Fax or email the above info, along with your contact info and a short description of the application.

If you already have digital drawings of your particular application(s), you can email them to our Engineers.  Please remember to include ALL of the information listed above so that our friendly and knowledgeable staff may reach you to discuss your needs in person.  Our Customer Service and Sales department is always available live via phone between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific time to answer any questions you may have.

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