HEPCO, Inc. has designed and built component lead forming equipment in its Sunnyvale, California facility since the early 1970’s.  Working with some of the world's largest sub-contract assemblers and OEMs here in the fast-paced Silicon Valley environment places HEPCO in a unique position in the industry.    Our vast client list encompasses the smallest start-up companies to the largest in EMS, aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, for whom we provide lead forming solutions from single-stroke forming to bowl-fed systems.


HEPCO has recently expanded its line to include PCB de-paneling equipment for routed PCBs.    Also introduced is a new BGA Sphere Placement System which uses vacuum pick-up and placement of spheres for an entire array at once, and provides a mechanically-correct method of bumping or reballing BGA components.    Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions regarding our products and services.

(408) 738-1880 -or- info@hepcoblue.com



02/18/05 – HEPCO Introduces Desktop X-Ray Lead (Pb) Detection System

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