HEPCO LeadHound©
Now YOU Can Test for Presence of Lead and
Other RoHS/WEEE Elements in as Little as 15 Seconds!

Patented Micro X-Ray Fluorescence
Technology Ensures Safety, Accuracy and Simplicity
HEPCO LeadHound© Lead-Free and RoHS/WEEE Compliance
Verification System


·  Safe, Self-Contained System

·  Lead-Free, RoHS/WEEE, Elemental Metals Modes Included

·  Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Process

·  Test Results Can be Printed or Saved to File for Documented Verification

·  Tests PCB’s, Components, Sub-Assemblies, etc. in as Little as 15 Seconds!

·  Integrated Optical and Laser Aiming System

·  Computer, Software, Cabling, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Included

·  X-Y Stand w/ Joystick Included for Easy Targeting

·  Optional Rolling Table Available for Stand-Alone and/or Mobile Operation

·  Download Brochure Info (.pdf)

·  LARGE Streaming Video of LeadHound© Test (.wmv)  Requires Windows Media Player

·  Smaller Streaming Video of LeadHound© Test (.wmv)


LeadHound© Specifications (Desktop Configuration w/o Rolling Table):

got lead-free?Depth: 76cm Width: 58cm Height: 53cm (30”x23”x21”)

Test Chamber Size: Depth: 45cm Width: 43cm Height: 30cm (18”x17”x12”)

Weight: 50kg (110 lbs.) Not Including Computer



Air-cooled, micro-focus x-ray tube

X-ray fluorescence (isotope-free) operation

50kV – Adjustable up to 50W

Molybdenum anode

High-purity, Si PIN-diode detector

Hardened enclosure with leaded polycarbonate window

Interlock switch on sliding door – keyed operation



Color CCD camera w/ zoom

Micro-laser & LED guides for precision positioning



Intel Pentium 4

40 Gigabyte hard drive

DVD-ROM, 3.5” floppy

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Office

Video display card for PC monitor

17” flat-panel display

Industry-leading fundamental parameter analysis software

Includes algorithms for accurate analysis without known sample


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